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Bill Sampson, CP is now certified in the BiOM® Ankle System, the world's first personal bionics system, which enables smooth, natural human movement.

As a fully microprocessor-controlled or bionic foot, it's designed to replace the combined functions of the foot, ankle, and calf regions of the human leg. By mimicking muscles and tendons, the BiOM allows amputees to walk with a natural gait at their chosen speed, using the same metabolic energy as a non-amputee.

BiOM enables user to:

  • Walk with a more natural gait and natural speed
  • Change walking speeds more easily
  • Stand and move with a greater sense of stability and confidence
  • Navigate changing surfaces, terrains, hills and stairs with greater ease and stability
  • Reduce intact leg stress after heel strike to improve comfort and reduce long-term joint damage
  • Perform activities of daily living with a normal amount of metabolic energy exertion To learn more about the BiOM and to see if it is right for you, contact Sampson's.
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